About Us

Our meeting place

We meet at the Encino Park Community Center, which is located at 1923 Encino Rio, San Antonio TX 78259

Our communication methods

In our Troop, we use GroupMe to keep communication simple. To receive messages such as campout return times, general troop info, and emergency updates, Our Assistant Scoutmaster will granted you access to the Troop 360 GroupMe. after verifying your scout is active in our troop.

You can requests access to our Troop 360 GroupMe. by clicking this link https://web.groupme.com/join_group/59768120/JWsGBjMX

About our troop

Troop 360 – The “Encino Park” Boy Scout Troop

Troop 360 was founded in Spring of 2002 from the merging of two 5th grade Webelos dens from Packs 75 and 515, starting with about a dozen boys and four adults. We have since added Scouts from a number of different Packs and have grown to over 75 boys and several dozen adults.

We gather on Tuesday nights starting at 6:45pm with the meeting starting at 7:00pm at the Encino Park Community Center.
The Troop is chartered by The American Legion Post 10.

Please contact Brian Craft at troop360scoutmaster@gmail.com and or Matthew Metzinger at mattmetzinger@hotmail.com for more information about our troop, or stop by a meeting!

Public Forms – Scouts with Special Needs and Disabilities

Troop Organization


We have five patrols in Troop 360:

  • Badger Patrol
  • Flaming Doughboy Patrol
  • Phoenix Patrol
  • Fox Patrol
  • Moose Patrol

The scouts of Troop 360 are sorted into one of the five patrols above. Each patrol has representation from every age, rank in scouting, and personality. They also have their own name, flag, yell, and personality.  A patrol becomes a scout’s family and is assisted by older scouts known as Troop Guides.  There is also a Senior Troop Guide who steps in where needed and mentors the other Troop Guides.

Each of these five patrols elects a Patrol Leader from within their patrol to organize activities and represent the patrol at PLC meetings. 

We have a Senior Patrol Leader and two Assistant Senior Patrol Leaders who oversee this whole arrangement, as well as Quartermasters (in charge of Gear), Scribes (who takes & distributes notes), Librarian, Historian, Webmaster, etc.

All of the above LEADERS are youth – Boy Scouts.  Each position has at least one adult designated as a “mentor” – the scout’s first point of contact for guidance, encouragement, resources, and occasionally a bit of nudging.  Our job is to help the scouts to carry out their program.