Templates and Misc. Information

Youth Training Resources


There are lots of great troop meeting activities at 


There are lots of great resources for youth leaders.

One of the first to look at for Patrol Leaders and Troop Guides is the “official” Patrol Leaders Handbook:

Patrol and Troop Leadership 

1978 Printing, out of print, a bit dated, but arguably the best BSA publication on Scout leadership ever). Note: Thanks to Troop 7 in Hiram, GA.  Troop 7 has lots more great resources on their website!

Patrol Method

The patrol method is THE method of scouting.  Here is a youtube video explaining it.

Adult Training Resources

Information Technology

We strive to provide as much information to scouts and their parents as they need, while protecting their valuable data as much as we can.  To do this, we utilize a variety of services.


We keep all the personal, medical, and advancement data in a program called Scoutbook that allows involved leaders to monitor and access the information needed to do their jobs for your scouts.  This is what we consider the “gold standard” for information, so if you need to change an address, or an email, etc, this is the one you want to update.

As a parent, you can get (read) access to your scout’s personal and advancement records – on the web or on your phone! New scouts and their parents should be able to be added on Scoutbook within two weeks of joining the troop. For more info see:


Since you’re reading this, you know that we use as our public and private website.  In the public area, there is only a map to our public meeting place and the troop calendar, hosted through  On the private side of the site, only available to troop members, is also leader contact information, a variety of camping and administrative forms, and pictures of our scouts enjoying the outdoors. 


Yes, we’re on Facebook.  We’ve got a group at, just ask to be added.


In our Troop, we use GroupMe to keep communication simple. To receive messages such as campout return times, general troop info, and emergency updates, contact any Assistant Scoutmaster to be granted access to the Troop 360 GroupMe.


Helpful Documents

Scoutmaster Conference Forms

Tech Support

This webpage is primarily run by a youth leader, the Webmaster. If you have any questions about the website, want to add something to the website, want to move something on the website, want to gain access to the website, (get the drift?) look at the Information Technology tab at the bottom of this page.

Health Forms

An annual health form is required for camping.  If your scout is 12+, we encourage you to have your physician review PART D which describes high adventure opportunities.  There is a checkbox on PART C that shows they’ve reviewed it, and some boxes to list what kinds of events a scout can participate in.  

It’s better and easier to have this completed during your annual visit rather than have another visit when you decide to participate in a high-adventure activity (yes, some are even weekend activities).

You can find the complete form at

Position Application/Agreements

The scouts run Troop 360.  That means that many scouts have a specific Position of Responsibility (some involve Leadership, some do not – but all are necessary for the smooth functioning of the troop).

To apply for a position, there is a single form, found here.

Once elected/appointed, leadership agreements can be found in this folder.

If elected/appointed, you need to complete a Position Mentorship Format end of 2, 4 and 6 months, and meet with your troop mentor for feedback in order to obtain rank leadership credit.

Administrative Forms

Program Planning Helps

Troop Program Features has some great ideas on troop meetings/outings/games, arranged by THEME.